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Payment Information

jjPostcards accepts the following payments for orders in the webshop.
Credit Cards
– Mastercard (in CHF, EUR, USD)
Electronic Payment Systems
– Skrill
– PayPal
For both Skrill and PayPal we accept the payments directly within our web shop ordering process (PayPal only in USD).
You may also carry out payments for both providers outside of our web shop. These can be done to all our existing email addresses in CHF, EUR and USD.
Bank and Postal Accounts
Account holder: Joerg Jaeggin, Alte Bergstrasse 14, 8303 Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Money transfer integrated into the ordering process of our web shop
– Postfinance (for Switzerland)
Due to the instant payment there will be no delay in processing your order.
Manual Payment
You may also pay by bank transfer outside of our webshop. Bank payments to our Postbank euro account in Germany are free of charge from any country within the euro currency zone.
    – Postbank account, Postbank Karlsruhe; IBAN DE65 6601 0075 0180 3857 59; SWIFT/BIC PBNKDEFF
    – Postfinance account; IBAN CH30 0900 0000 8019 5302 3; SWIFT/BIC POFICHBE
    – Bank account JPMorgan Chase; 134636503765; Bank Routing Number 021000021
In the case of bank transfers outside of our web shop we will process your order as soon as the funds have been credited to our bank account. This may take a few days. Exceptions apply for longstanding customers.
Additional methods
– Cash (at own risk)
– Checks (only upon agreement; must be payable to Joerg Jaeggin)
Due to high additional charges (a bank fee of CHF 10.00, EUR 8.00 or GBP 7.00 applies per check) we recommend to choose a different type of payment. Checks in USD are accepted without fees (strictly for longstanding customers). Please make checks in USD always payable to Joerg Jaeggin.