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jjPostcards was founded by Joerg Jaeggin in 1988. Joerg is actively collecting postcards of airplanes and airports from all over the world. Since 1993 Christina Aeschbacher has been assisting him in preparing and dispatching postcard orders and managing the administration of jjPostcards.

Best Source for Aviation Postcards

Without doubt jjPostcards is the world’s biggest source for aviation postcards. Since we were founded the largest share of postcards we sell is made up of postcards from publishing houses (so called “publisher postcards”). Every one to two months we are adding new postcards to our selection of far more than 30,000 publisher postcards.

However, our stock of rare postcards is also constantly growing. Such postcards have predominantly been issued by civil aviation companies (so-called  „Airline Issues“) or are considered as rare because they are simply hard to find. Such cards can range from end of 1910s/early 20s until today.

New and old rarities are usually added to our webshop several times per month.

Send us your e-mail address or your postal address so that we can keep you updated about new releases. Or get registered here for regular updates via our newsletter.

Founding jjPostcards

Joerg Jaeggin had been collecting civil aviation postcards for some years when, back in 1988, he decided to start his own postcard mailing service under the name of "j.j.postcards.“ He aimed to offer collectors the full range of publisher postcards from a single source. The service and range of available postcards was quickly expanded and soon jjPostcards had the biggest selection of available aviation postcards. After graduating from university with a law degree, Joerg Jaeggin took up a job outside of his mail order company. This was the time when Christina Aeschbacher joined jjPostcards. She has been and remains responsible for an essential part of jjPostcards’ everyday activities.

Increasing the Personnel Collection

We would like to take this opportunity to mention that Joerg Jaeggin himself is a very devoted collector of civil aviation postcards. In addition to postcards depicting civil airliners, he also looks for postcards of airports from all over the world. His collection definitely still has many gaps to be filled, in particular in the period from late 1910s/early 1920s to 1960s. Therefore we are also interested to buy collections.

It’s our pleasure to assist you in creating or expanding your personal collection of aviation postcards.

jjPostcards hopes you will enjoy every moment with your collection!