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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I place a subscription on postcards, for example on every new postcard published by certain postcard editors depicting a specific type of airplane I am collecting (e.g. Airbus)?
We offer subscriptions on all newly issued publisher postcards (these are the postcards shown in our lists presented under NEW IN THE SHOP on the bottom left). We do not offer a delivery service for specific postcards you are collecting, e.g. a specific type of airplane or airline company. You have numerous search possibilities in our web shop to look for the exact postcards you are collecting. This ensures best that you will only get the postcards meeting your exact expectation.

Can I buy old postcards from jjPostcards?
Yes, we offer a huge selection of rare and old postcards. We are adding new rare postcards to our web shop every one to two weeks. You can find these postcards in the filter section under "Postcard Publisher" by selecting "Airline Issue" or "Rare - Raritäten - Vintage Postcards". Another possibility is searching for the exact selection of postcards. With the scan you will recognize easily if it's an old or new postcard. And every postcard shows the year or period when it was issued. Furthermore search results can be sorted by price. If you choose highest prices to be shown first, you will have nearly all rare postcards shown first because there are very few rare cards which we can offer in a low price range.

How much does it cost to ship the aviation postcards?
You will find the answer here.

Are you also accepting credit cards for payment?
Yes, we accept credit cards and various other payment methods. You will find more details here.

What happens when the postcards delivered are damaged?
We always choose the packing material which best ensures that the cards are delivered to you without damage. If despite the precautions we have taken postcards should arrive in damaged condition, we kindly ask you to inform us by e-mail. And of course we will replace the damaged cards free of charge.

Can I order postcards to be viewed at home?
Unfortunately this is not possible. However all our postcards are listed in our web shop with a picture of the front and the back side.

Can I view the postcards in your shop?
As we are a mail order company we do not have a physical shop. Therefore choosing aviation postcards physically on site is not possible. However you can view all postcards in our web shop with a picture of the front and the back side and we promise to send out postcards strictly as per description. The font size in the web shop is rather small, can I enlarge it? Yes, you can enlarge the font size in your browser. You can also adjust the font size by holding the CTRL key and turning the small mouse wheel. Or you hold the CTRL key and press the '+' or '-' key, however in this case steps are much bigger than using the mouse wheel.

Can I enlarge the small pictures in the web shop?
Yes, you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. By clicking onto the large scan the picture changes to the other side of the postcard. By clicking onto the grey area around the scan you close the large scan.

How long will it take until I receive the postcards ordered?
We process orders within one to three days if you pay for the order at the time of placing your order (the ordering / check-out process offers several methods for payment of the merchandise). You decide yourself how quick the goods should be delivered. Delivery by "Economy" will take between 7 and about 20 days. Delivery by "Prioritiy" is much faster. On longer distances "Priority" mail is transported by air. Depending on the destination it will take 3 to 7 days, but in particular for larger orders it is much more expensive. Due to the high costs for "Priority" we recommend to use regular mail ("Economy").