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General Terms and Conditions of Business (GTB)

Payment of Goods
Goods have to be paid prior to delivery of the goods. In individual cases jjPostcards may agree a different solution with long-standing customers.

Processing Time
Shipment is usually done within two to three working days, latest within five working days. If, due to holidays or other reasons, it should take longer, you will either find a note on our website or we inform the customers affected directly.

Reservation of Ownership
Goods remain the property of jjPostcards until fully paid.

Availability of Goods
Postcards in our webshop are on stock and available for immediate delivery. Nevertheless occasionally we cannot exclude that an article is no longer available. In this case the customer receives a credit for redemption with the next order. If requested explicitly by the customer, we will return the excess amount.

Condition of Goods – Warranty
Newly published publisher postcards as well as such cards published in earlier years are of perfect condition (labelled either "new" or "min"”). Other postcards usually show signs of age and use which is not regarded as a defect. Postcards with condition "mint" in some rare cases show slight damage from the printing process, in particular they could have slightly damaged corners, stains on the back or on the front or other marks. This, too, is not regarded as a defect. As part of the product description in our webshop we mention the condition of the postcard as accurately as possible. The condition is factored into the price of the postcard.
Please take note that in some cases the quality of the scans is not as good as the quality of the postcard. In particular, the scan of the reverse of the postcard can show spots and shadows, which are not visible on the actual postcard. Furthermore, a substantial number of scans of the front side show broken lines, which do not exist on the postcards.

Withdrawal from the Purchase
Our understanding is that the description of the postcards and of all other goods we offer is accurate and complete enough to decide whether you wish to purchase the goods or not. Nevertheless, in accordance with European consumer protection law, you may exchange or return the goods within 14 days after receipt of the goods. It goes without saying that we take back merchandise which does not match the description in our webshop or which despite all precaution against damage in the mail has arrived in bad condition.

Data Protection
Names, phone numbers, addresses and all other information which we may have about our clients, are stored directly with jjPostcards. Use of all data is restricted to our direct relationship with clients. All data is treated confidentially and is never passed on to third parties.