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Airport Dusseldorf, 5 views

Airport Dusseldorf, 5 views

Dusseldorf: 5 views (AC 747, LTU L-1011, SAS DC-9, AA 767, etc.)

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  • Airline (Army/Government, livery): Air Canada, LTU,Condor,American,British Airways,Hapag-Lloyd,Air Canada, SAS - Scandinavian,Lufthansa
  • Country: Germany, United States/USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada
  • Airport: Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Aircraft Manufacturer: Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, Lockheed, BAC (British Aircraft Corporation)
  • Aircraft Model (Filter Selection): Boeing 737, Boeing 737-200, Boeing 767, Boeing 767-200, Boeing 747, Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, Airbus A300, BAC 1-11 One-Eleven, Boeing 727, Boeing 727-200, Douglas DC-9, Boeing 737-100, Douglas DC-9-21
  • Aircraft Model (exact): B.737, B.747, L-1011, A300, DC-10, BAC 1-11, B.767, DC-9-21, B.727
  • Registration: SE-DBP
  • Postcard Publisher, Number: Rahmel, DF 137
  • Condition of Postcard: new
  • Year of Publication: 1980s
  • Size: 5.8''x4.1'' (147x104 mm)